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With the increasing prevalence and acceptance of the cloud as a viable alternative to on-premise IT, today’s IT organizations are faced with a wide range of options. In fact, had you just woken from a five-year slumber, you might find the available array of cloud service options quite daunting. At just a moment’s notice, you can spin up pretty much anything, with Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings all readily available. Services can reside on public clouds in multi-tenant environments, private clouds within the four walls of an organization, community clouds shared between a limited set of tenants, or even a hybrid arrangement. For the many IT organizations mired in maintaining server and storage infrastructure, IaaS appears a very attractive alternative to managing hardware in-house. While it’... (more)

Primary Storage Using the Cloud: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Back in April 2012, we published the results of our cloud storage survey to share customer insights into current and intended use cases for cloud storage. As expected, the results indicated that data protection and disaster recovery were among the top use cases. While the benefits of cloud storage around data protection and disaster recovery were further confirmed in our follow-up survey in June 2012, it was notable that our initial survey revealed over 48% of respondents used or planned to use cloud for primary storage. While we found this result eye-opening, the numbers may sug... (more)

Disaster Recovery Ascends to the Cloud, Part I

While many new technologies claim to revolutionize the practice of disaster recovery (DR) for IT environments, few have significantly altered the economics and logistics of building and maintaining a secondary IT site. For most organizations, a secondary site housing server and storage infrastructure has remained the only recovery path for their business from a primary site disaster, failure or outage. While it might seem preferable to avoid the expenditure of a secondary IT site altogether, what drives investment in DR infrastructures is a set of recovery time objectives (RTOs)... (more)

Five Ways Cloud Can Improve Your Business’s Top Line Growth

While IT vendors typically lead a product pitch with cost benefits, it should be no surprise that cost savings alone don’t always drive IT purchases. For many organizations, revenue growth may represent an even more compelling driver. Cloud compute and cloud storage have in many circles become synonymous with cost savings and improving an organization’s bottom line. Perhaps a lesser known aspect of the cloud is the ability to help organizations increase their top line revenues. How exactly does cloud enable you to do this? Let’s examine 5 ways below: Stand up more IT infrastruc... (more)

A Roadmap to High-Value Cloud Infrastructure: Data Storage Expansion

As discussed in our prior installment, while there is no “one-size fits all” path to cloud infrastructure adoption, a roadmap can ease and simplify the transition to cloud while minimizing IT disruption. More importantly, a phased approach (as shown in the figure below) enables organizations to take advantage of on-demand infrastructure sooner than later, leveraging scalability, cost advantages and rapid deployment capabilities of cloud. Data storage expansion may be one of the easiest ways to leverage cloud infrastructure, which is why we list it as phase 1 of our roadmap. Besid... (more)