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All the buzz surrounding OpenStack over the past few months may beg the question of whether Openstack can repeat for Cloud what Linux has done for server operating systems over the past several years. With an enthusiastic following and a compelling, if not industry-leading set of functionality, the possibilities may be boundless. This week’s announcement of the HP Cloud public beta, an OpenStack-based cloud that includes compute, object storage and a content delivery network, provides even further momentum to this open source effort. With well-known vendors such as HP, Rackspace and hundreds of others backing them, we can expect OpenStack adoption to increase. In one of the more storied instances of open source successes, the Linux operating system, first released in 1991, was an alternative to existing operating systems embraced primarily by developers. Today, Linu... (more)

Embrace Storage Hogs with Cloud Storage

Do you know who your storage hogs are? Every organization has them, whether it’s folks who save everything or applications that just need more capacity every year. And let’s face it: The need for increased storage capacity isn’t just a result of your company pack rats – it’s often a necessity due to growing data sets, data retention policies and regulatory compliance requirements. On average, organizations expand their need for storage by 20-60% on an annual basis, outgrowing capacity of existing storage regularly. Can cloud storage help contain the costs of this spiraling growt... (more)

A Roadmap to High-Value Cloud Infrastructure: Application and Data Mobility

In its first phase, the “Roadmap to High-Value Cloud Infrastructure” focused on Data Storage Expansion. In the second, when talking about disaster recovery and data protection, we discussed not only data recovery, but application recovery in the cloud as well. In this installment, we'll address the third phase: Application and Data Mobility. In the journey toward cloud, we find two kinds of companies - those that consider themselves "born in the cloud" and have built their entire IT infrastructure in the cloud from the ground up. These folks don't need a roadmap to high-value cl... (more)

Roadmap to High-Value Cloud Infrastructure: Cloud-Driven Business Analytics

As you may have read in prior installments of this series, businesses whose IT infrastructure resides on-premise can ease the integration of cloud infrastructure into their existing environment by adopting a phased roadmap that provides numerous benefits along the way. The final installment of this series examines how organizations can improve and streamline their business by utilizing analytics based on cloud infrastructure. Unlike prior stages of the roadmap geared toward reducing costs, this stage can help increase top-line revenues, an even more attractive driver than cost-e... (more)

The Real Risks of Migrating Your Data in the Cloud

Data migrations have become a standard aspect of managing IT infrastructure. For organizations used to purchasing storage arrays, the process of moving data from one array to another is not unusual. Instead, it is a necessary part of the storage lifecycle that mandates replacing storage arrays every 3-5 years when they run out of capacity, come off lease, or reach the end of their expected life spans. But what happens if you decide to store your data in the cloud instead? The good news is that once your data is on public cloud storage, the storage life cycle disappears. There i... (more)